Kliktopia: Land of the Freeware

An archive of games and applications made using Klik & Play, The Games Factory, Click & Create, Multimedia Fusion and Clickteam Fusion

Games Listing By Author

  1. §pöt Çàt: Cow Pong
  2. Øivin Fjeldstad Madsen (Zatek Games): Yoshi's Adventure (Demo)
  3. Øyvind Lien / Mundial Productions: Blood Revenge "kill them all", EARTHBOUND "The adventure of Ness", Silent Murder - the mystical place (Demo), The Escape from Skylus
  4. >Bill_307<: Smile Kombat 2 v1.1
  5. -Phantoom-: Super Kamikaze NINJAS demo2
  6. 100% Product: Bugfest
  7. 3D.RE - Skajaro: ReCharge!
  8. A. Chris Donovan: Darwin's Curse
  9. A.KI / AaronKI : Super Spooky Haunted House Duck Fight
  10. AJC Software Unlimited: Death car Version 1.5, Zombie Attack
  11. ALUCART69: MCI Tutorial
  12. ANOA Production: SPACE GAMES, SPACE GAMES: Atomic Chill, SPACE GAMES: Attraction, SPACE GAMES: Twin, SPACE GAMES: Virus Protection !
  13. Aaron Brammer: Do hard
  14. Aaron Swenson: FreeFall
  15. Adam Harms: Hunch-Back Lumber Back
  16. Adrian Bauer / 00-2-20: Operation Blow Shit Up v1.0
  17. Ajc Software Unlimited: Flag Racer, Tank Battler
  18. Ajc1490: Block Smasher, Smash Derby, Tank Crazy!
  19. Akira & Gilgamesh: Project 053: Issue 1
  20. Alan & Gordon Chen: NinJets XF
  21. Alan Hanson: Pong 2000 ULTRA, The Skeet Shoot Challenge, Tic Tac Toe, Variety Pack
  22. Albin: LIGHTOs Pro 1.0
  23. Albin Peter Lang: air paine, Bird shooting, x
  24. Albin Productions: xtreme blood
  25. Albin peter lang: Extremly dangerous zones, killers in cars,full game
  26. Alex Blagg: K&P Gamepack: Go for Goal!
  27. Alex Burkat: Osama's Cave
  28. Alex Culshaw: Army Hero
  29. Alex Smith: Hitman from Hell
  30. Alex van Chestein: Fate, Zodiac
  31. Alexander C. Donovan: The Mystical Arena
  32. Alexander Mangel: Teknobaby
  33. Alexandre van Chestein: HyperNova, MiniTank, The Quantum Blade
  34. Algames: Swordstar demo
  35. Ali Abdul-Rahman: Megaman Sonic: The mysterious form
  36. Ali Abdulrahman: Space Battle
  37. Amazing Productions: Eggit 4 - Dragons Tail
  38. Ambrosine: Hero's Adventure, Mission:Caduceus, Monster Manor, Space Doubt, The Secret of Easter Island, The Will, Vampire!
  39. Amy Rose: Novabrain's Grand Adventure
  40. Andi Smith / Natomic Studios: Colour Hit, Electricity 2, Roadhog, Rock It
  41. Andreas Jonsson: Sword of Darkness (Demo)
  42. Andreas Wikensjö / Treelock Productions: Lizt
  43. Andrei Horia Gheorghe: Domination of Magic (Unofficial Title)
  44. Andrew Lim: Space Dude
  45. Andrew Mather: Classic Collection
  46. Andy Berger: Where in the USA is Circus Clowniego? DEMO
  47. Andy Hull (astrospoon): Astrospoon Beta 11, Golden Monkey Strike Demo, Night Demo (Demo), Retarded Goat Hunter, Twin Trap
  48. Anhtony Lopes: Warbots 2
  49. Ant Software: Seize the Night
  50. AntSoftware: The Matrix (Training)
  51. Anthony Lopes / Darksun Games: TRIUMPH (war 2221)
  52. Anthony Lopes and S.C.A.D. crew: SCAD Fighters!!!
  53. Anthony Yip: Crying Freeman
  54. Antony Lopes: W.A.R.B.O.Ts
  55. Ap-Software: Locked 7 (Demo v2.1)
  56. Archiesoft: Lazer Lounge v0.1
  57. Ari Feldman: Disasteroids v1.2, Processor Man v1.0
  58. Arnas: Emotions, Maze Maker, West Terra Falls
  59. Arthur 'Mr. Podunkian' Lee: Super Fun Dungeon Run
  60. Ashman: Iron Boot PuzzleTron
  61. Augusto Aguieiras Duarte: Megaman:lost in cyber space
  62. Aust X (of Holy Crap! Software): Hobo Joe
  63. Austin Booth: Snow Boarding 2 (Demo)
  64. AustoSoft: Tank Attack (Demo v1.1)
  65. BBSCN CREATIONS: Defeat the Amorites
  67. BRIAN / STORY&IDEA B. F. MARCELLO: Begone 2 The Deep Darkness
  68. Barney: K&P Gamepack: Maniac Racers, K&P Gamepack: Operation Overkill, K&P Gamepack: The Face Game
  69. Barney Skirvin and Richard Gale: K&P Gamepack: Romeo
  70. Barney and Richard: K&P Gamepack: Condition: RED
  71. Barney and Richard Gale: K&P Gamepack: Racing Line
  72. Bastiaan de Jong: Funny Furries 2 Xmas, Funny Furries 2 Xmas (Demo), funnyfurries, Sonic Ball, The Funny Furries
  73. Ben Berntsen & Arthur Lee: Ben and Art's Bad Day
  74. Ben Berntsen / Softworx: Agent 13 Trailer
  75. Ben H / O3 Software: Knoshoo
  76. Ben Hickling / KedamonoWare: Martian, Neko Bot v1.0
  77. Ben Tilbrook: Machines of Destruction
  78. Ben-ohki: War is a Complete Rip Off!
  79. Bepposoft: The Line, The Line continues
  80. BieberSoft: A Nightmare on Sesame Street, BS Ode to Zelda, BS Yoshi's Island X, Bubba in the Turd Dimension, QuakeBlox, Shagtrix, Talk Show Riot!!! (Demo), The First Quest, The Second Quest, WonderDweeb Episode IV : A NEW DOPE, Y2B
  81. Bill Danylo: The Titanic
  82. Bill307 (bill_307): Smile Kombat III (v1.0)
  83. Billy Brophy: race american cities
  84. Billy Kenber & Charlie Kenber: The Crystal Maze 2
  85. Black Belt Entertainment: A Day At The Races, The Crystal Maze (Demo), Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
  86. Blackeye Software: Diabolika, Eternal Daughter, Kill Osama v1.0, Snowbrawl, Speed Freak, Trigger Happy II (Demo)
  87. Bladeboy: battleblade2
  88. BluE emu: Heavy Mech Al
  89. Bluestone: Professor Fruit's Juicing Factory
  90. Bob Grumpton: Automobile Conflict, Monk 2, Trafalger
  91. BoyIsCool: StickManX (Demo)
  92. Brad / Natomic Studios: Natomi Bottle Rockets Extreme
  93. Brendan Adams: Pong 2
  94. Brett Coburn: Smiley's Adventure II
  95. Brian Hess: Lard Ass's Adventure
  96. Brian R. Kent / ÆNIGMA GAMES: FLIPZO, Othello 2000, PACHINKO, PAX, Revolver, SOKOBAN 2K
  97. Brian S.: Creatures of the Night
  98. Brian Smith: Project: Neptune
  99. Brian Su: Alien Havoc, BRAINLINK (Ver 1), BRAINLINK (Ver 2), Macabre, Rune
  100. C. Rowlett: Missile Command Remake
  101. CJB: Millennium Arcade
  102. CRC Productions, Smiley Productions, Manta Ray Productions, Z Soft Interactive: Shadow Realm
  103. CYS from Cysteine Creations: The Speed Engine
  104. Cellosoft: cop 2
  105. Cellosoft / Marcello Bastea-Forte: Cellosoft QuickHTML 1.0, Cellosoft Wave Editor 1.0, Doors '95 Play Away 2 software included, Eatit, Laser Wars part 2, Person animator
  106. Charles Tomino: Destruction Carnival (Fusion)
  107. Charles Tumino: Destruction Carnival
  108. Chase Dahl: Jumpgirl
  109. Chris Branch: Dotcom, Emulsion
  110. Chris Chobotor and Adam Melroy: Ultra Pinball
  111. Chris Dow (Dow Boy Productions): Kill 'Em Derby
  112. Chris Nimmo: Vortex Runner
  113. Christian Wiehl: Twig
  114. Christopher Jay Craft: Cubix©, The 25 Number Game
  115. Christopher Och: 3 Crazy Crooks, Air Pop!, Crop Crusader, Crop Crusader, Depth Diver, Dexter's Quest
  116. Cinnamon Interactive: Nonsense Madness
  117. Click Boy: Real War 1.2, targetgame
  118. Click Master: Real War TUT, Street Havoc
  119. Colej_uk / Cole Jefferies: Worm Wars, Worm Wars 2, Worm Wars 4, Worm Wars III
  120. Cool Dude: Desktop War
  121. Craig Jardine / Virtually Real: Attrax, GermNation, In The Pit, In The Pit 2 - Section 1, Mega Mad Bomber, The Ultimate Stress Release (USR), U.S.R., VrealOut
  122. Craig Tait Games: Clear The Way!, Detective Mouse, DrEaM DEMONS, Meanie, RollerBall (Demo), Trent 2, Trent Turtle, Who Shot Bill?
  123. Created by: Abaddon: Mess
  124. Creation Madness: Rally Tournament (Demo)
  125. Cysteine Creations: Cc's Birthday Bash, Super Mega Adventure
  126. Cysteine Creations - Zi-xiao Jerry Liang: Splinter Source
  127. Cysteine Creations / Rafael Henkin, CYS and Skanda: Squirrelish Wars
  129. DF Designs: Bouncin' Billy, Computer Pets
  130. DJ^NastyMan: Electric Pickle, Great NastyMen in history, Nastyman 3, NastyMan 4ever, NastyMan Gold, NastyMan's killer bunny, the belly botton advanture
  132. Damien M: Pong (Single-player Unlimited)
  133. Dan Burger: Colorz
  134. Dan Herlihy: F-14 Desert raider
  135. Danial n Brandon: American VS Russia
  136. Daniel Albert Stojanovic: Super Slaves
  137. Dark June Studios: Battlepit
  138. Darkcrow: Sonic Robo-Blast 8-way, Sticman Vs Wall Screensaver!
  139. Darksun Games (Anthony Lopes): Mark Basehore's Super Damage House, The Adventures Of Mark Basehore
  140. Darren Ithell: K&P Gamepack: Music Madness!
  141. Darren McLeod: Blocco, Break It Down, Fiearan's Day Out, Stealth
  142. Daryl Weinert: Adrians Farm
  143. Dave C Version 1.0: Fighting Spirit
  144. Dave Jones: Neku Garu's Christmas!!
  145. David & Renan Polizelli Hoffmann: BreakOut
  146. David "Texmo" Walton: Action Andy & Assault Alice
  147. David A Wiley: D I A M A X, Pop Demo
  148. David Blackwell: Aurora Dibularos, Exander Part One : Dark Destiny, FireWorks, Fireworks II, Gunho, TheLostMan
  149. David Fillion / DXF Games: Hasslevania: The Quest For Shuteye V.3
  150. David Jones: Neku - Garu Pop
  151. David Keller: Elf: A Very Merry XMAS Special
  152. David Kirkbride (DavidK Software): Zombie Smash Arena II
  153. David Maldonado: Chris Ver 1.0
  154. David McQuillan: Extreme Malice
  155. David Niemeyer: The Quest For Darla
  156. David Willis: Feces Wars, TransFormers: The Fighting Game, Ultra Car, Walkerton 4 (Demo), Walkerton in: Aliens Take Over SEMY, Walkerton in: Aliens Took My Doritos (v2.0), Walkerton in: Immaturity Day
  157. David Willis / Ultra Car Enterprises: Walkerton 4
  158. David Willis and Samkim: Robo-Vac Unplugged, SEMY-Automatics
  159. Dean Scheppel Jr: Platform Demo v(2.0
  160. Del Duio (David Fillion / DXF Games): Hasslevania 2: This Space For Rent (Unfinished)
  161. Derek Yu: Dive and Destroy, Jiggle, Trigger Happy v1.0
  162. Derek Yu / Blackeye Software: SD Trigger Happy 2
  163. Diamond in the Ruff Software: Magic Cue Ball
  164. Dominique Poulain: Mr Pack's Nightmare 2.0
  165. Don McHoull: Gun Runner, WAR!!!
  166. Don Wile: DOLOMITE
  167. Dustin A. Gunn (JD): Evil Dead: Ashes to Ashes
  168. Dustin Gunn: Trick of Treat
  169. Dylan Simpson: Dodgeball 1.5
  170. E-Man: Strong Bad versus The Great Pumpkin Plague
  172. EJ and LH: Moop
  173. Edge© & Rave Games© companies.: Eggies 2: Puzzling Points
  174. Edge© Games: Prowler!
  175. Edition Studios: Pong X Edition
  176. Edmound Hubbard: TTD
  177. Edward R. Greenaway: ATOM-BOY 2
  178. Eggy: Fish & Chip, Mr. Chip 3X, Pusher, The Kid, The Little Green Guy (Demo)
  179. Eggy & Joshtek: Mapjon
  180. Endre Eikrem: Western -The Special Edition-
  181. Englesoft: M-Race Versus
  182. Eric / tdevil27: Atlantis: The Earthen War
  183. Eric Vaugh / Plasticow: Crawler
  184. Erick: Mike: The Gang Killer
  185. Erik Benerdal: Egg, Radioactivity (Demo)
  186. Eron and Björn: Alpha squad
  187. Eruption: Horror From The Grave
  188. Erwin Bergervoet: Mana (Demo)
  189. Etheraq: The Legend of Zelda : Sleeping Island
  190. Euphoric Rush (Chris Street): Mr Stumps Dentures, SmidgetsX, Zone Runner 2
  191. Euphoric Rush DX: Zone Runner
  192. Ezra hansom-White: Bombing Run ² (demo)
  193. Fabio Franco Rodrigues / K-zero Games: DigKid, FunnyLand, FunnyLand 2 The Legend Returns, High Voltage versus game, Krik's radical toor, Nerds 3.0 - Ultimate Champ, QuakeMaker
  194. Fallen Angel / Beau: Tango Strike
  195. Fallen Angel Industries: Dante, DeMilo 2, Douglas Circumstance, Factor X, Itsumo, Siege
  196. Fallen Angel Industries + Beau Langston: Fatal Bout
  197. Felan, Phil, and Raincoatduck: Hefty the Platypus
  198. Fiachra C.H.: Desert Wars
  199. Floating Point Software: Sushi !!!
  200. Forrest Trahan: Mega Man X 5
  201. François Perez: wonder boy the prophecy
  202. Francois, Richard: K&P Gamepack: Klik & Play Card Game
  203. Frank Grecco & Michael Grabel: The Quest for the Wonton Soup II
  204. Fredrik H.B (1998): SuddenDeath
  205. G-Force Studios: Transformers
  206. GARY GASKO: Gunner, Gunner 2 (Fusion), Gunner 2 (KNP)
  207. GTS: Green Tiger Software: The adventures of Dash
  208. GamesLab: PuzzPower
  209. GamesLab Productions: Desktop Destroy 2 : Chicken Carnage
  210. Gandasoft: Blocks, Liknis II, Talk Talk XII
  211. Gareth Murby - gafy: crazy crossbows
  212. Georges VIGREUX - France: Helico Rescue
  213. Georgie: Vs2
  214. Geschlopen Games: The Legend of Kelda
  215. Gigamesh: Fantasy World
  216. Gorion Software: Grazy Shooting!, Grazy Shooting! 2.05, The Elder's Call Trailer
  217. Green Tiger Software: Afrianon
  218. Gustav Kilman / Fallen Angel Industries: Elemental Panic Crash, Streambolt
  219. Gwyn Williams (Icelandic Games): Fluffy 2 - Worlds Apart, Fluffy!
  221. HOLLYHOJ: Mario Adventures
  222. HT Software: Deadly KickBoxing, Syndicate 2049 Chapter 1 - The Fallen Angels, Terminator
  223. HT Software featuring Schumisoft: Matrix
  224. HT Software, Heiko Thies: The Cube
  225. Hamilton: La Fruta Prohibida (Demo)
  226. Hamish McLeod (Fallen Angel Industries): Furry
  227. Hank & Pete Hufnagel: Scout Law
  228. Happy Corp Games: Ninja's adventure (Night 1)
  229. Harry & Arnas: Fightas
  230. Harry Wood: Flug static, Flug static demo, GraBo, Sbemail 0: netnavi, Weird Game
  231. Hasaan Richard Steel: AVENGERSII !
  232. Hasaan Steel: BATMAN, Dragon Ball z
  233. Hasinah A. Rahman: Sonic Blast
  234. Hayo van Reek: fishhead, Fishhead 3 : The search for a heart of gold
  235. Heiko Thies: Flipper
  236. Heiko Thies for ClickCorps: Last Days Of Vietnam
  237. Hematoma Productions: Chronic the Hedgehog, Gordon's Transport System 4
  238. Hinph Gaming: Final Save KiKi
  239. Hishnak: Kyoto Village, Samhain
  240. Hive Productions: Morph Man's Classic Games, Rebel Fear
  241. Hollyhoj: DiggerMan
  242. Holymonkeystudio.com: STORMING THUNDER
  243. Hunter Gamez: Caveworm
  244. I-Soft: Hydro, T.V. Man's Adventure (Demo)
  245. IB Games 1999: Blowing Balls 2
  246. IHWEC and CRC Productions: IHWEC Shareware
  247. Ian James: Final Fantasy Fam Game (Demo)
  248. Ian Williamson: Ian's Visual Assembly Emulator
  249. Igor Sinkovec: Ignac (Demo)
  250. Ikiki / Uta: 100ponknock - Hundred knocks (v1.01), Aborin (v1.02), Bakudan - Bomb (v1.02), Bakuhatu - Explosion Robot (v1.01), Basirin (v1.02), Bimboman (v1.01), Blockman (v1.01), Bokorin (v1.06), Bokusin - Boxing (v1.0), Bomber Balls, Butukedama - Bumping Ball (v1.04), Curryki - Curry Machine (v1.0), Gonbutoman (v1.04), Hageyaro - Bald Guy (v1.01), Hakaiman (v1.04), Hitotobasi (v1.01), Hosonaga's Ambition (v1.01), Houmuran, Jet Mairo (v1.01), Kamutaro (v1.02), Kinokobai - Mushroom Toss (v1.01), Kinokoin - Mushroom Coins (v1.01), Kusuri Man (v1.04), Makitirasi - Spreader, Nagurin (v1.01), Nikujin - Meat Man (v1.11), Ninjagame (v1.01), Niwatori, Pineappo - Pineapple (v1.02), Rakkasan (v1.01), Rocketaro (v1.03), Seijinsiki, Shibaki Robo (v1.02), Soge King (v1.01), Super Moreo Bros (v1.01), Tarenagasi (v1.04), Tekkyuuman - Iron Ball Man (v1.06), Teppodon (v1.09), Teppoman - Top Man (v1.01), Teppomanto - Top Cloak (v0.91), Tepposenso - Top War (v1.04), Tetuhau (v1.01), Tobioriya (v1.01), Toranpon - Trampoline (v1.01)
  251. ImpWare Studios: MegaBattle Complete
  252. Ismail Ibric / Izzy: ballz, Drag & Drop, Wings Of Glory
  253. J. Cogswell: INDOORFUN
  254. J.A-Productions 1998: Battle Arena v1.1
  255. JAG9: Sonic Jr
  256. JD Tan: Pong 2000
  257. JODMOFOCTOR: Xmas Eve!
  258. Jag9: Jagball
  259. Jake / Natomic Studios: Mini Golf, Shining Armour
  260. Jake Elliott: The AirLiner GaME!
  261. Jake Jilg: bug, Jur Mur, SQUIRT
  262. Jake Wilkins: Token Man
  263. James Daniello of Atomic Entertainment: Ben The Lost Blueberry, Block Master, Blorb vs. SuperJerky
  264. James Purdy: Sonic 3, Sonic Mini
  265. Jamie Gare: Super Bouncer
  266. Jared Newman: Slave (beta)
  267. Jason Kapalka: Mortuum
  268. Jay Bedingfield: Highway Sniper
  269. Jay Tholen (Necropixel): BottledWaterBash
  270. Jea Games: Bank Robber
  271. Jean-Michel Thellen: Alien Escape, Gnop '97
  272. Jeff Brophy: Maze Race
  273. Jello Workz: Alien Strike
  274. Jerry Liang: Penguin Dash 2 V1.0, Penguin Dash 3 v1.0
  275. Jesper Berner: Dragon Boy
  276. Jess Stanley: Asteroid Smash, Dragon's Pearl
  277. Jimmy: Sonic Extra
  278. Jimmy Marmer: BATTLE RACER
  279. Jinkins Software / Larry HQ: Larry
  280. Jirru: Objective Escape
  281. Joe Blow INC.: Pong
  282. Joe Burns: Block Destoyer
  283. Joe Dufresne: Adirondack Jack v1.00
  284. Joe Smooth: HAWKSTAR, Snowboard Santa
  285. Johan Jansen: Hooghaar Beer
  286. John Donlan: Darkstone - Darkest Dungeons
  287. John Newman: Independance Day
  288. John's Program / Vision Software: Diceies
  289. JohnTSJR: Peng
  290. Jon Sklaroff and Softhead Productions: Software Wars: Softhead Man
  291. Jonas Lindskog, J-Enterprises: lines, Match Mania
  292. Jonas Lindskog, MAGIC Software: The Lost Coins
  293. Jonathan Crosmer: L'Attaque
  294. Jonathan Curran: Deathmasters
  295. Jonathan Michael Smeby: Jonny RPG
  296. Jonty Bell / Erik Malm / Craig Jardine: The Adventures Of Smelf (v1.2)
  297. Jordao Soft: Mega man X2
  298. José Rafael Marcano: Invasión de las Letras
  299. Josh Bender: Dr Goo, Dr Goo 2: The Plague, Dr Goo 3 - The Rubblebum War
  300. Joshtek Games: Ghost 2 (Beta Demo 1), Mr. Chip
  301. Juancarlos Pérez: Medabots V-1.0 Demo en Español
  302. JuninhU2-MEGASOFT: Teen Squad in:Rock`n`Roll
  303. Juninho, TEENSOFT: Teen Squad--The New Adventure
  304. Justin Lombardi: Save KiKi
  305. Justin Millan: The Pyro Guy (v2)
  306. KNPMASTER: Color Dizzy, Gunner 3, Laser Frenzy
  307. KNPMASTER and MasterRaichu: Hurdler
  308. KPikachu: Pokemon Crimson //SE
  309. Kaj Anderzén - Virtually Real: Molecule Man Extreme
  310. Karl-Johan Nilsson: Faces, GOING UP!
  311. Karri Putaala: Explo Wars
  312. Kean "Zakarun" Pedersen: Euroman, Laser Puzzle, Nuke 'em
  313. Keendike Kickbutt: Demo Sonic Game
  314. Kenny Howard: Alien Rescue Hitmonchan
  315. Kim Lyhne: Chocobo Farm, Elyria Chronicles: Demons, Final Fantasy - Arcon's Legacy, Final Fantasy - The Sorcerer's Isle, S.G.E.
  316. Kimberly Kubus: Pink Umbrellas
  317. Kimmo : Cdplay
  318. Kireisoft: Frantic Fantasy (Demo v0.3)
  319. Kjelli: Bubble Bobble, Conflict Between the Games, Conflict Between the Games Part 2, Pixel Movement Tutorial, Wario + Wart = WAR!
  320. Kristoffer Aasgaard: Pizza Driver 2.1
  322. Lafe Travis: Grandpa Pac-Man
  323. Land-X-Software: Blomb I, CloneBall, Desktop Panic!, Halloween Pumpkin, Human from space, Kello 2, Live or Die, Matrix RedHole 1.21, Mr.Kiven, Music Player 2, RumpuSetti, Safe the vip, Serious Santa, Serious Santa Arena, Tuuletin III
  324. Larry Marciano: ROO
  325. Larry Schneider: Grab the Gold!
  326. Lars Gunnar Eggen: Maniac Island, The SwordGirl and the Weird Water
  327. Leaky Pig Productions: Cruentus: Time Slayer
  328. Lee Bamber & Nolan Worthington: TGF Game Demo: Lobotomy, TGF Game Demo: Zeb
  329. Lee-Patrick Chapman (./\/\on]<eYBa$]<et.): Space Herdy.
  330. Leion - Virtual Life: James Blob - Golden Pie (Demo v1.0), James Blob - Golden Pie demo 1.3
  331. Leion - Virtually real: Leap Frog
  332. Lenny: Die! v2.0, Football Madness!, Football Madness! 2, TUT - Car Smarts
  333. Liam Smith: changing whepons, Code Lins, simple random batles
  334. Linus Software: Cannon Defenders
  335. Lior: Swap it!
  336. LittleWashu / Code6: SmileyHouse
  337. Lucas Sonzogni: Friendly-Strike
  338. Lukas Häger: Dream Town, Manniack
  339. Luke O'Sullivan: Bubble Busters, Fishpuck 2, Gakman, Rally Racers, Tank Combat
  340. Mårten Brüggemann: Red Feud
  341. MASTER HOJ: Flug The slug
  343. MEGASOFT--Juninho: Teen Squad
  345. MO: Alien Dogfight - The Final Mission, Capture The Flag, Nuclear Winter Board, Spaceball, Starship Suicide
  346. MadDawg: Shadow UnderGround (Demo)
  347. Maim Entertainment: Dr Robotnik in Rebellion, Dr Robotnik in Rebellion: SPECIAL EDITION demo
  348. Marcello Bastea-Forte: Laser Wars
  349. Marco Ravoni: MegaBlast
  350. Margarian Christophe: Lode Runter 2
  351. Mark Kennedy: Honey Comb!
  352. Mark Pay: Aliens Infestation - 1 Level Demo, Aliens: Infestation 2 - Last Stand, Lunatic Rover, Pie Eater 2, Space Rancher, Tremor 2, Tremor 2D, Tremor 3 v1.0, Tremor Gold
  353. Mark Pay : Star Chasers
  354. Mark Pay / Natomic Studios: Ultra Rubble Bounce Escape
  355. Mark Restall: BodyPit
  356. Martin Allen: Air, Bounce, Bugs Bunny's Crazy Adventure, Cyborgs, Far Views Robot Wars, Gateway, Hunchback's Revenge, Key Collector, Monk!, Pipe World, Simply Amazing, Smither's Quest, Sound FX, Space Quest, What's News?
  357. Martin Allen (Cheats by Matt Ritc): Air (cheat version)
  358. Martyn Kilvert: Am You Phat Innit, Grand Theft Manual II, RoadRage, SpaceWars
  359. MashMaster: mashmaster
  360. Matt Huggins: 3D Warz
  361. Matthew Crosta: Mr Hankey Saves Christmas, Poof Wars!, South Park Mario, South Park Master Mind
  362. Me's Brother: Smash The Streets Demo
  363. Megabug: Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
  364. Megabyte Productions: Battle Mek, Battle Mek (Demo)
  365. Melinda Seely: Set-Em-Up
  366. Merlyn Lear: TGF Game Demo: Magician
  367. Michael815: Scrolling Demo
  368. Mika Lehtisare: DarkWar II v1.3
  369. Mike "Warmaster" Nelleht: Bus Driver
  370. Mike Pankatea Vickner: MONSTER, Monster JR: The Journey Home
  371. MikeM16: Rat 2
  372. Morphboy: CrashingBlocks
  373. Mr. Blob: Smile RPG Intro
  374. MutantleG: Elektroid 2 V1.02
  375. Mutantleg,Nick,Junkman: WarBot
  376. Muz, Devious Method Entertainment: Invasion Of The Muz
  377. NEWMANgames: Blaster 3 Demo, Morpho
  378. Natomic (Akira): bananarama
  379. Natomic Studios: Sideswipe
  380. Natomic Studios / Akira / Yoshiman (Music): 4Color-Zoom
  381. Ndeal, Pegwo, Blake: guakamole con sushi
  382. Neil Buchanan: High Peek Squeek!
  383. Nelleht Entertainment: Taxi
  384. Neonair: Novuxa Harvest, Wizard Wars, Wizard Wars 2
  385. Nerosoft: likins_scrn, LIKNIS, Runescape - Enemy counter
  386. Nicholas Allen (HIVE): Mega Maze (DEMO)
  387. Nick Foster: The Puffs
  388. Nick Kraich: Dynamite Rush - Enmity, Dynamite Rush: Anarchy, Super Awesome Adventure Extreme, The Reform: Issue One, The Reform: Issue Two, Wave Runner
  389. Nicklas Johansson: idrottledarskap
  390. Nicolas DeStefano / BogoSoft / Bogo47: Peetoo the happy dinosaur, Peetoo's Revenge, Peetoo's Revenge 1.2, Peetoo's Revenge Halloween Special
  391. Nine Development: Para Para Chutee
  392. Nobuyuki: Hookshot Mika Pocket, HyperGem 3, Soccer Freak
  393. OBY ent.: FMF: Fight Mother-Fucker
  394. Odi: Nors Mode
  395. Open Palm Productions: Kapture!Train v1.0
  396. Ori-Amir / Drunken Missile: Energy Ball
  397. Owen Lindsay / Virtually Real: Bloodbath - Demo, Preview for Micraculous Quest XVI
  398. PIXELSCOPE MEDIA (Erik Brännström, Kris Allen, Frode Berge): Murder Under The Red Sun
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  400. Paolo: Save Tamy
  401. Pat Plinske: Smokey the Dragon
  402. Pekka: Santa Claus' Killing Fever
  403. Pekka Karhola of Archiesoft: In Search Of Herb CHEAPO DEMO!!!
  404. Pete Dale: Kimbo
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  406. Pete Frenzy of I-Soft: The Monuments of Venus
  407. Peter Hoggan: Eight Queens
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  416. Phillip Tanner & Ugly Dog Software: Tyler
  417. Phizzy: MegaBash
  418. PixelScope: Total Fucking Massacre
  419. Poita and Divad: G * T * S
  420. Posessed: Concert trasher sim
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  428. Richard Carman: WebWords
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  430. Richard Dion: Pays d'Europe
  431. Richard Gale: K&P Gamepack: Brain Wave, K&P Gamepack: Crazy Pool, K&P Gamepack: Gracillis V, K&P Gamepack: Hungry Hedgehogs, K&P Gamepack: Pinta, K&P Gamepack: Ski Monday, K&P Gamepack: Slot Machine, K&P Gamepack: Zero-G Pinball
  432. Richard Gale / Alex Blagg: K&P Gamepack: Quads
  433. Richard Hodgson - Psykosoft / Natomic: Paragunner
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  436. Richie Collins: The Dungeons of the Wizzard
  437. Rick Lundrigan: GERPEAS
  438. Ricky Smith: fight of the evil teachers, star floors
  439. Rikus Kras & Rene Kras: locked version 2.0
  440. Rikus Kras / Amazing Productions: Eggit Gold (3), Locked 2, Locked 3, locked 4, Locked 6, shoot, THE NEW ADVENTURES OF ROMEO, The Secret Of The Lost Statue
  441. Robb "Tazz" Frye & Ryan "Neo19" Frye: Molecule Burst!!
  442. Robbie Martin: Hormel arcade
  443. Robbie Martin -FSRATJ & Tony Flamer - Grugi: Ogres
  444. Robert latte: Mr. stupids day
  445. RodrigoX!: Megaman X5
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  447. Rohan Hill: Watkins
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  454. Samkim: Pinball Demo
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  456. Scott Cawthon / Hill Gigas: Bogart, Bogart 2, Chup's Quest, Doofas - First game, Doomsday Picnic, Flannville (Build 108), Flannville 2 (Build 88), Iffermoon, Junkyard Apocalypse, Legacy of Flan 1: Chapter 1 (Build 12), Legacy of Flan 2: Online (Build 56), Legacy of Flan 3: Storm of Hades (Build 60), Legacy of Flan: Flan Rising (Build 12), Legend of White Whale, M.O.O.N, Metroid RIP, Phantom Core, Powermon, Sigfreid, Stellar Gun, The Desolate Room
  457. Scruegg: Kamikaze Robot
  458. ScumSoft - Simon Campbell: Astro Chicken ]I[
  459. Scurvyliver Entertainment: That Night Before, That Night Before - Act 2, That Night Before - Act 3, TNB Act 4
  460. Sean Kelly: A Great Adventure (Demo), Little Demon, Music Moves, Skull Guy (Demo), Spikey's Adventure
  461. Sean Poling: PacMan Unlimited, Paladin
  462. Sean Tay: Stickman (Demo)
  463. Seth Hofslund: Pedro's Day out With the E3D Engine
  464. Shades: Shades
  465. Shades / Storm Xerus: Mega Man-Wily's Return
  466. Sheldon Chase: Demon's Domain
  467. Shep: Bones
  468. Sivert: Blocks (Demo)
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  470. SlugmanYo: Saw III
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  491. Strange Culture / Claire Sharpe: Crash Bowling - 2
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  494. Svante Norberg: Alien slayer (Demo)
  495. Sverre Aune: Admin the game, Game Over, The greatest fighters
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  498. TJHyna: Catz
  499. TLONMASTER: Billy Bob 2
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  506. Tesseract: Little Wars
  507. The Games Page / KNPMaster: Flight of the Pumpkins
  508. The Missing: Bagamane (Demo)
  509. The Yak: ace racer
  510. TheQuitter: GW Fall, Rouders
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  520. Toom: SAKEO - Small Animals Killing Each Other
  521. Toothpaste Cutter Software :-): Elektroid
  522. Top Cat Productions: Grent, Grent (Pikachu Edition)
  523. Trapezoid (of Nemeburger Ent): Crashsite (Demo)
  524. Treelock Productions: Komando Kent X2
  525. Trooper - Alden Wong: Trooper Hockey League
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  527. Ultra creations: Tama-Creature-Fighter
  528. VCX Entertainment / Filippo : Halloween Ramble
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  530. Ville kaituri: Kakka Jänö
  531. Virtual Five Games: Quest of the Monk / V5 Showcase
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  533. Vision Software: theshimabros
  534. WCC, Working Cows Company: The Dark Angel
  535. WaZ: Static tutorial
  536. Walter Intrusion: Intruder: BACK WITH A VENGENCE!!!
  537. Warblast Crew: Blobster GOLD ed. R1
  538. Warbot 2 team: Warbot 2 : HELL On EARTH
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  540. Warrior Crew: the WAR
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  553. Zain: demo
  554. Zare: Trail Tutorial by ZaRe
  555. Zatek corp.: Lloyd (Demo)
  556. Zellix: Mr. Malibus GOLD
  557. Zenith: A Days Work
  558. ZiM^: Racing Game demo
  559. [PLEASE LET US KNOW!]: Katchem, letfly1, Music box!, NeroMan, Pop, Sniper Challenge (Demo), Soccer '98, Space: mission to sector 1
  560. ben_02: Super Ken Senshi
  561. contra / VCX Entertainment: Halloween House
  562. elvisish / Brilliance Games: Bryces Movement Engine 1
  563. forrestw: Memories of Bagman v 2.00
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  566. jast: Entrance Gate
  567. jp dalli: vectorman legends (unfinished game)
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  569. lache92: up_and_down(extended_version)
  570. liam in J.A.L.: pokemon amber
  571. mmason: Caverns
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  576. olive-micineo: probotector_tgf
  577. sc: Space Mouse
  578. wcc & evolve: Sparky 2: Genocide
  579. zellix: connect FOUR online
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